1. Embed All the Things

    SimplyBuilt makes it....well, simple to enhance the functionality of your site with embeds. Learn how to add these popular embeds to your pages for an A+ visitor experience! Double-click any photo placeholder to get started.

  1. Ecommerce on Gumroad

    We <3 using Gumroad to sell our SimplyBuilt tees online. Give their platform a try and see how convenient and user friendly an Ecommerce solution can be. Check it out.

  1. Facebook Page Plugin

    Adding your Facebook page to your website is as easy as heading over to the page configurator and set your specifications. All thats left is to paste the code into your SimplyBuilt website!

  1. Your Twitter Feed

    Keep visitors up-to-date on your social media posts directly from your site. Learn how.
  1. Custom Forms from Google

    Google offers customized forms free of charge. Create an account, build your form, and follow these simple instructions to generate the embed code.

  1. Tracks from SoundCloud

    Find out how to share original music and podcasts from your SoundCloud account.

  1. Need a refresher on how to use the embed function? Check out this quick step-by-step guide.