1. Get Started With SEO

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is essential to building your website. Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo index the web and catalog web pages by their content. Organizing content and following SEO best practices will help these search engines filter through your content and present it to visitors looking for the information you have to offer.

  1. The key to SEO success is labeling and describing your content accurately with clear titles, descriptions, URLs and using relevant keywords. In turn, your website will show up in a better location in search results.

  1. 1. Titles

    Good titles are the most important aspect of SEO work. The term “titles” is plural for a reason; your site and each of its pages (Home, About, Contact, etc…) should begin with a title that briefly describes the content of the page. Titles tell users and search engines what each of your pages are about and they’ll show up in search results as the bold link users click to get to your page.

  1. 2. Descriptions

    Page descriptions give search engines a summary of what each page is about. Page descriptions are usually 1-3 sentences long and show up under the page title in search results. Keep them short and direct. Don’t use phrases like, “This page is about” or “Here you can find” because it wastes valuable space to share unique information. Try to avoid duplicate descriptions from one page to another, and be sure to include keywords your visitors relate with your type of business.

  1. 3. URLs

    The URLs for your pages are another means of communicating information to visitors and search engines. URLs should reinforce and closely mirror the page title you just made. For example: If you have a website about your florist shop, your “About Us” page shouldn’t be “www.robinsbrightflowers.com/page-2”. Change this URL to something relevant and informative like “www.robinsbrightflowers.com/our-story.”

    Note: Make sure to ONLY use lowercase letters in your custom URLs.
    Read more here.

  1. 4. Relevant Keywords

    Keywords are words search engines use to categorize your content in their databases. Stick to using the same key words that describe your business when creating content for your site. For example, SimplyBuilt currently uses the phrases “get a website” and “make a website” across our site so search engines display our content when people search for “How do I get a website” or “How do I make a website.” Do the same for your site and you’ll be on your way to the top spot!

  1. Locating Your SEO Settings in SimplyBuilt

  1. SEO settings in SimplyBuilt are only a few clicks away. Start by opening the pages panel.

  2. Now click the "Settings Gear" next to the page name you want to add SEO to.

  3. A panel will open with options to add/edit your SEO settings for that page.