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  1. Free for life, it's that simple.

    SimplyBuilt loves and supports open source. We've decided to give back to the community by offering anyone with an open-source project hosted on Github, a free subscription to SimplyBuilt.

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    Focus on your important work, let us handle your site. Sign Up and you'll have an entire project site ready for you. Enter your content and click publish. You can even set up a custom domain name in just a few clicks!

  1. Gist & Pastebin support

    Provide a great experience for your users, by embedding Gists and Pastebins. You can also include a pass/fail badge.

  2. Fully Hosted

    Your SimplyBuilt site is fully hosted, and we make sure it loads quickly so your visitors aren't left waiting.

  3. Smart Pages

    Our smart pages put you in control while keeping content easy to update, perfectly organized and looking sharp.

  1. Contact Forms

    Add contact forms for multiple purposes. Support, press and job inquires can all link to separate emails.

  2. Pixel Perfect Themes

    Our themes are easily interchangeable, hand crafted by our designers and ready for your text and image content.

  3. Page Managment

    Change site navigation and organization with drag and drop! Add SEO, custom URLs, Meta Tags and more.

  1. Check out our open source project.

    SimonSays is a simple, declarative, role-based access control system for Rails and Ruby and we made a project site for it using SimplyBuilt.

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  1. Questions?

    Visit our Knowledge Base for all your tutorials and contact us with any feedback!

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