1. Introducing the Magic Color Generator

    We are proud to introduce the magic color generator. You supply us with a color, and we provide you with great looking color options. Text, icons, and background colors all morph magically to complement a single color you choose. It's like having your very own AI web designer!

    For instructions on how to use this feature, you can find more details on our support website.

    How the Magic Color Generator was created

    Color evokes strong emotions. Everyone has an opinion, and we react to colors with passionate phrases like “love it”, “hate it”, and “what were you thinking?!” Because of the complex and subjective nature of color, designing a feature that provides color customization for an entire website can get overwhelming quickly.

    Until recently, we kept the number of color options few and simple. To achieve this simplicity, we gave customers the ability to select preset color palettes chosen by our designers. This "suggested colors" approach works well for most of our subscribers. It was designed to make color selection easy to navigate and use.

    As with every approach, there are pros and cons. Simplicity is usually achieved by sacrificing some control. As a result of keeping things simple, some customers were left to use color palettes that didn’t quite fit with their brand. We took this challenge seriously, and wanted to give all customers the ability to select the colors they need for their website. At the same time we did not want to compromise the simplicity of our website builder with endless color options.

    Keeping the solution simple

    So we set out to solve the color customization problem. How can we provide a solution that gives customers more color flexibility, but is still simple to use? After some trial and error, we had a eureka moment. We discovered we can use color theory and automation to simplify the process of selecting colors. More on color theory here.

    After a few rounds of research and development, one of our engineers built a solution that generates great looking color palettes based on a single color selection. From that single color selection, complimentary color choices are generated for fonts, backgrounds, and icons. Quick and powerful site-wide color customization was now possible. For those interested, some of the code for this solution has been open-sourced and can be found on Github.

    As always, SimplyBuilt is free to use for the first month. If you have any feedback about the magic color generator, feel free to chat us up using our in-app support messaging.

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