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  1. Introductory Article

  1. Introducing SimplyBuilt

    Small business websites are still notoriously outdated and, in many cases, non-existant. Why is that? The internet is flooded with website builders, but those who need help the most aren’t being served. They are being left behind by options that don’t make sense for their budgets or skill levels.

    Enter SimplyBuilt, a builder that believes technology should serve all people, especially those who are not in the technology business. So it created a website service to do just that.

    SimplyBuilt is a super easy-to use, all-in-one solution for building and hosting a website. The platform’s responsive design ensures sites automatically look just right on every device without any additional effort.

    The learning curve with other platforms like Squarespace, Weebly and Wix is either too steep or the websites don't look professional. There are just too many opportunities to hit a wall or mess up the design. SimplyBuilt’s smart UI favors simplicity over endless customization options. No option paralysis. Meanwhile, designers and developers appreciate the flexibility and sophistication offered by embed options and custom CSS, Javascript, and HTML capabilities.

    SimplyBuilt’s pricing is straightforward and affordable. Hosting, SEO, high-image stock photography and icons, advanced options, one click domain purchase and connection, and second to none in app chat support are all included for $10/month or $96/year (save 20%). Annual subscribers also receive a free custom domain.

    Best of all, you can try SimplyBuilt at no cost. Build as long as you like for free. Payment is only required when you're ready to take your masterpiece live and see the results a great website can have on your business.

  1. John K. Hunter

    Co founder / Technical Director

  2. Justin B. Schantz

    Co founder / Managing Director

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  1. Introducing SimplyBuilt

  2. SimplyBuilt Demo

  1. John Dante Case Study

  2. The Styles Panel

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  1. SimplyBuilt Home | www.simplybuilt.com

    SimplyBuilt Login | www.simplybuilt.com/simplybuilt-create-a-website

    Real Examples| http://www.simplybuilt.com/blog/real-website-examples

    Customer Case Study | http://goo.gl/0agLHX


    The Next Web SimplyBuilt Feature| http://goo.gl/Z4QtQb


    Free Sites for Open Source Projects on GitHub |http://goo.gl/dQ5gXF

    Our Open Source Project on GitHub| http://goo.gl/S3bhUU


    SimplyBuilt on Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/simplybuiltcom

    SimplyBuilt on Instagramhttp://goo.gl/m2n427

    SimplyBuilt on Twitterhttps://goo.gl/CjVJtu


    SimplyBuilt on Font Awesomehttp://goo.gl/IwPG3K

  1. Special Offers

  1. SimplyBuilt offers free websites to anyone with an open source project on GitHub-

  1. All users start on a free 30 day published trial. Building is always free and users pay only when ready to publish after that time.

  1. Our referral program allows users to earn $10 towards subscriptions. Both parties benefit!