1. Orientation

    The SimplyBuilt site editor is designed to make building your website as simple as possible. Read through this orientation article to get a better grasp on all the features SimplyBuilt has to offer.

  1. The Tool Rack

    • The Tool Rack, located on the left side of the SimplyBuilt site editor, is where you'll find all the tools for building your website.
    • From the Tool Rack you can create pages, add content, dress up your site with various layouts and color palettes and enter site settings like your domain name.
    • Click on an icon to reveal its tools.
  1. Editing Area

    • Click on a Block to edit its text or media content. You can also drag a new block onto a page from the Blocks Panel.
    • Rearrange Blocks by dragging and dropping them above or below each other.
  1. Pages Panel

    • Click the Pages icon to edit, nest and add or remove pages. You can also turn specific pages "Off" for editing purposes.
    • Add a page using the "Add New Page" button.
    • Edit a page's settings by clicking the gear next to its name.
    • Nest a page by dragging its tab over an existing page's tab.
    • Remove a page by going into that page's settings and clicking the delete button at the bottom.
  1. Styles Panel

    • Click the Styles icon to change your site's theme and color palette.
    • To switch a layout, select one you like and click "Save."
    • To change the color palette, choose between our suggested palettes or create your own from your favorite color.
  1. Settings Panel

  1. Account

  1. Blocks

    • Click on the Blocks icon in the Tool Rack to open the Blocks Panel. Here you will find the selection of building Blocks. Add one of these Blocks by dragging and dropping it onto your page.
    • You can also rearrange Blocks by dragging them above or below each other.
    • Delete a Block by clicking the trash icon in the yellow options bar.
  1. Block Layout

    • Once you've added a Block you can choose how you would like to display your content using several different layout options. These can be viewed in the yellow options bar.
    • These different layout options give you the freedom to choose where text and media are placed, and whether you want text or media only Blocks.
    • You can also delete individual parts of a block by clicking the "x" button to create your own unique layout.
  1. Add Text

    • Click on any text box to start adding or editing your own text.
    • Use the yellow buttons on top of the text box to control the size and paragraph alignment of your text.
    • Need to make something bold, italic, underlined, or add a link? Highlight the relevant text and a menu will appear with those controls.
  1. Add Media

    • Once you've placed a Block, double-click the media placeholder to add your media or click the gear that appears when you mouse over a placeholder.
    • Choose what type of media you would like to use: image, video, map, or embed.
  1. Congrats!

    You've learned the core functions of the editor and are now ready to master the rest of SimplyBuilt. You're on your way to greatness! If you still have questions, navigate all our help options by clicking the help icon in the editor.

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