1. Managing Multiple Sites

    SimplyBuilt allows you to manage multiple websites with one account. Follow these steps to learn how to manage multiple sites.

    • Go to “My Websites” on the default page when you log into SimplyBuilt.
    • Click “Add a New Website”, enter in the name of your new site and click “Add”.
    • You can now manage and edit your new site just like your first one. Just click on “Edit Website” under the tab for the website you want to edit and it will take you to the site editor.
    • You can add as many websites as you want and you can also delete sites if you don’t need them anymore.
    • Click the “Delete Website” button under the site you want to get rid of.
    • If you're sure, click "Yes, delete." This action will not immediately delete the website. The action will be deleted for three days, giving you time to change your mind before deleting a site permanently.
    • After clicking the delete button, a website will show up under the “My Websites” section of SimplyBuilt under “Sites Soon to be Deleted”. You can choose to retrieve your website by clicking “Rescue” or to permanently get rid of by clicking “Delete Now”.
  1. See how you can manage different payment methods or how to add or change payment methods for each site next.