1. Using a Promo Code

    • To use a promo code, you'll begin by clicking the "Subscribe" button on the website's page or the "Subscribe Now" button in the Account Panel in the editor.
    • Don't worry you won't need to enter billing details in order to redeem your code.
    • Chose the plan that fits your needs best by clicking the "Select Subscription" button.
    • If you don't plan on subscribing, it doesn't matter what you choose here.
    • Click the promo code link.
    • Then choose to enter your billing details now or later.
    • If you enter them now, we'll start billing you when your promo code expires.
    • Don't worry if you check "enter them later," we won't delete or lock you out of your account when the code expires. Your site will just become unpublished until you enter a payment method. You will still be able to access your site when the code expires.
    • Click "Start Now" to being building your website!