1. Add a Hero Block

    A Hero Block is great for creating a focal point such as a call to action. The Hero Block lays a title, subtitle and button over a full-width image for
    the background.

    • Open the Blocks Panel in the Tool Rack.
    • Drag and drop the Hero Block onto a page.
    • Click the camera icon in the yellow options bar to add an image.
    • Choose from a pre-existing image or upload a new one.

    Note: Any image uploaded to a hero block should be hi-res (1920x1080 or higher) for the image to look crisp on large screens and displays.

    • Click the Color Box and choose to either remove or apply a dark shade over your image.
    • The dark shade will help text read better, but if you choose not to have any text, remove the shade so your image can shine!
    • Use the layout icon next to the camera to change the vertical positioning of your text.
    • Click the text and use the alignment tool to change the horizontal positioning, just like in a normal text box.

    Note: For best results, keep your copy to a minimum (1-6 lines of text) in a hero block and emphasize a "call to action" button to get visitors to engage more with your site.

    • Treat buttons as you would links. Link the button to either an internal or external page by highlighting the text and pressing the "link" button.

    Pro Tip: You can use a Hero Block anywhere you wish and there are no limits! You can even make an entire page of Hero Blocks!

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