1. Add a Text on Image Block

    Text on Image Blocks efficiently convey information while adding visual interest to your site.

    • Click on the Blocks icon in the ToolRack.
    • Select the Text on Image option, and drag and drop it onto your page.
    • To change the image displayed within a Block, click the camera icon.
    • You’ll be presented with the option to either upload an image from your hard drive, select one of SimplyBuilt’s hundreds of stock photos, or add an image URL via the Other Image tab.
    • Select your image then click Insert.
  1. Cropping your Image

    • You can crop your image by clicking on the camera icon, choosing your image as you did before, and then selecting Crop.
    • Various layout options will appear in the lower lefthand corner of the menu. Choose the far left option to crop your image manually or select one of the other three options to maintain the proportions of a set layout.
    • Click on the white dots over your picture to move the cropped area to a different part of your image.
    • Once you're happy with your cropped image, select Crop & Insert and view the result.
  1. Manipulating Text

    • To add text, click on any text placeholder within the Block, delete or highlight over the existing text, and add your own content.
    • To change the positioning of your text, select the arrow icon in the upper righthand corner of the Block.
  1. Improve Text Readability

    • You also have the option to lighten or darken the tint on your image to make text pop.
    • Simply click on the black box icon in the upper righthand corner of your Block and select your tint preference.
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