1. Add an Image

    Images are essential to the look and feel of any website. Find out how to add images here.

    Note: SimplyBuilt supports all major image file types, but for the best performance and flexibility, we recommend .png or .jpg files.

    • Mouse over an image placeholder and click its gear icon.
    • A window will open asking what type of media you would like to add.
    • Choose the Add an Image button.
    • Click the Upload an Image button and select the image or images you would like to upload from your computer.
    • Images may take some time to upload and resize depending on file size and your internet speed.
    • Select the image you want to use by clicking on it and pressing the Insert button.
    • If you need to delete an image from your uploaded images, select the one you wish to delete, then click the Delete button and confirm your decision.
    • SimplyBuilt also provides free stock photography and icons for your use. To insert any stock photo or icon, follow the same process but click the Stock Photos or Icon tabs.
    • Use the Other Image Tab to insert an external image from another site or a gif by pasting the image's URL and clicking Insert.
    • You can also add all the above image types inline by clicking on a text box and choosing the image icon.
  1. Congrats! Now you can add images to any part of your website.

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