1. Add & Edit Text

    Getting it done the SimplyBuilt way.

  1. How to Add & Edit Text

    • Click within any text box to highlight and edit existing text.
    • Each Block comes with two places to add text- a title box and a                     description box.
  1. Change the Size of Text

    • Alter the size of a piece of text by selecting the font size icon in the yellow option bar that shows up when you click on it.
    • You can choose multiple text sizes within the same box as long as pieces of text are on different lines and separated by a return.
  1. Change the Alignment of Text

    • You can also use the yellow buttons on top of a Block to control the paragraph alignment of your text.
    • Simply click next to the piece of text you wish to re-align, choose the alignment icon in the yellow buttons, and scroll down to choose an alignment.
    • You can have multiple alignments within the same box as long as they apply to pieces of text on different lines that are separated by a return.
  1. Change Text Orientation

    • You can change the orientation of text within a Block according to your needs.
    • Click outside the text box you're working in to see a Block's layout options. Just choose the middle icon from the yellow menu bar that appears in the upper right hand corner.
    • Scroll down to see orientation options.
  1. Change the Style of Text

    • Need to make your text bold, italic, underlined or add a link? Highlight the relevant text and a menu will appear with those controls.
  1. Remove or Re-Add a Text Box

    • Remove text boxes from a Block by clicking on the yellow X in a box's           upper right hand corner.
    • Want to bring the text box back? No problem! Click outside the text box         you're working in, go to the yellow tab that appears in the upper right             hand corner of the block, and choose the middle icon. Then scroll down         and choose an orientation that includes text.
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