1. Embed Square Products

    Square is a very popular service that allows its users to sell products online and in store. Embed your store into a SimplyBuilt site in just a few clicks.

    PLEASE NOTE: If you have AdBlocker or any type of similar service running in you browser you may experience difficulties when viewing your widgets. Be sure to disable your ad blocker for my.simplybuilt.com and the URL of your website to see the widgets.

    • Go to the product you wish to embed on your website.
    • Click the embed icon in the Share box.
    • Click "Copy embed code", then head to your SimplyBuilt website.
    • Mouse over the placeholder you wish to add your product to and click its gear.
    • Click "Embed"
    • Paste the code that you copied and click insert.
    • Your Square product will now appear in the placeholder.
    • Publish the page's changes to see the live results.
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