1. Embed Twitter

    Insert any Twitter embed into your website and boost social engagement.

    PLEASE NOTE: If you have AdBlocker or any type of similar service running in your browser, you may experience difficulties when viewing your widgets. Be sure to disable your ad blocker for my.simplybuilt.com and the URL of your website to see the widgets.

    • First head to your twitter account's settings.
    • Click the "Widgets" tab.
    • Click "Create new."
    • Choose the type of widget you would like to embed. You can also change the widget's settings. When you have what you need, click the "Create Widget" button to get the applicable code.
    • Copy the code in the small text box below the widget and head to the SimplyBuilt editor.
    • In the SimplyBuilt editor, mouse over the placeholder you want to add your widget to and click the gear icon.
    • Click the "Embed" button
    • Paste in the widget code you copied, then click "Insert."
    • Your widget will appear in the placeholder, but don't forget to publish your changes to see the widget live on your site!
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