1. Link an Image

    Create image links on your SimplyBuilt website in just a few clicks.

    • In the SimplyBuilt site editor, hover over the image you wish to link to another page.
    • Click the link icon in the upper right hand corner of the image field.
    • This will reveal a drop down menu with options reading "http", "page" or "file". If you choose to link via "http", a window will appear prompting you to add the URL for the page you wish to link to.

    Note: You can choose whether or not the page opens in a new window by clicking on the respective option in the lower left hand corner.

    • Enter the URL and click Save.
    • If you choose "page", you'll see a drop down menu that includes all of your SimplyBuilt pages.
    • Choose the page you want the image to link to and click Save.
  1. Note: In order to change what type of link you want your image to have, you'll have to "break" the current link in order to create a new one.

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