1. Website Layouts

    SimplyBuilt allows you to create any type of website with its
    intuitive 1-4 item Blocks.

  1. Choose a Site Layout

    • Click the "Blocks” icon in the Tool Rack and you'll see different ways you can modify your existing layout.
    • Add a new Layout Block by dragging and dropping one of the item Blocks on your page.
    • Remove a Layout Block by clicking the trash icon located in the yellow option bar that appears for each Block you mouse over.
  1. Change a Block's Layout

    • To change the layout of an individual Block, click on the layout button in the yellow option bar. From there you can rearrange the Block's contents to create a layout variant.
    • You can also remove certain items from a Block to create a more custom layout that may better suit your needs.
    • Don't worry, the items you remove are still saved and can be brought back by clicking any of the layout options.
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