1. Add a Page

    Your SimplyBuilt website comes with default pages to help get you started, but you can easily add additional pages in just a few clicks.

    • Open the Pages Panel from the Tool Rack.
    • Click the "Add New Page" button.
    • Enter your page's info including title, description, custom URL and more.
    • You can choose whether to have the page show up in the top navigation by checking or unchecking the "Include page in site navigation" box.
    • Turn your page off while you edit or add content to keep it private from viewers while you work.
    • When you're happy with your page's info, click "Create."
    • Delete a page by clicking on its gear icon, scrolling to the bottom of the panel and clicking "Delete."
  1. Add an External Page

    • To add an external page, one that exists outside of your website, head back to the Pages Panel and click "Add External Page."
    • Enter the Page Name and External URL.

    • Note: External pages can be anything: your ecommerce store, blog, or a private login for employees. Link to whatever you like!

    • Choose whether you would like to have the external page open in a new window by checking or unchecking the “Open page in a new window” box.
    • Click "Create" and the external page will be displayed in your site's navigation.