1. Adding Custom Scripts

    Site-wide and page-wide scripts can be used for many purposes. In this example, we'll show you how to add a Facebook "like" box.

    • Open the Pages Panel and click the gear icon for the page you want to add scripts to.
    • You can add code either to the Header Scripts or Body Scripts of the page, giving you more flexibility in what you wish to accomplish.
    • For this example, our code will go into Body Scripts.
    • Paste your code into the text box and click Save.
    • Click View Page to see your work live on your site!
    • You can always go back and edit your code or add more.
    • If you wish to add site-wide scripts, click the Settings Panel and scroll down to Site Scripts.
    • Add site-wide scripts just as above with page-wide scripts.
  1. Check out the live result of the example we used above here!

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