1. Add Google Analytics

    Add Google Analytics to your SimplyBuilt site to collect detailed information about website traffic, sources, visitors and more.

  1. Create a Google Analytics ID

    • Sign in to your Google account. Visit the Google Analytics website, and click "Sign Up".
    • On the account set up page, under "What would you like to track?", select the website option.
    • Under "Setting up your account", create an account name.
    • Under "Setting up your property", type your website name and UR, and be sure to include the "www." if your site uses it. Also select your time zone and industry category.
    • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Get tracking ID".

      Note: Follow this link for Google's support document on how to get a tracking ID.
  1. Find Your Google Analytics ID

    • Click "Get tracking ID" at the bottom of the signup page and you'll be brought to the Google Analytics admin page.
    • Find your Google Analytics ID under the "Tracking ID" heading in the admin page. It begins with the letters "UA-", followed by a numeric string. Be sure to copy the entire code.
  1. Connect Your SimplyBuilt Website to Google Analytics

    • Return to the SimplyBuilt site editor and click the "Settings" icon in the Tool Rack.
    • In the Settings Panel, scroll to the bottom. Under the "Site Metrics" header, enter your Google Analytics Tracking ID and press the Save button.
    • That's it! Now you can track site traffic and sources on the Google Analytics dashboard.
  1. Using Google Analytics

    • Now that you have your tracking ID, familiarize yourself with the Google Analytics dashboard.
    • Click "Reporting" in the navigation bar at the top of any page to see where collected data about your SimplyBuilt site will be displayed.
    • If you wish to learn more about Google Analytics, visit the Training Center.