1. Getting your free website for your open source project on GitHub.

    If you have an open source project on Github, you can get a free subscription to SimplyBuilt! It’s our way of saying thanks to the open source community.

    • Click “Start your 1 month free trial” on SimplyBuilt.com.
    • Enter your email address and desired password, then click “Start”.
    • Select “Software project”.
    • Click “take me to my site”.
    • Complete the tour or click “no thanks” to continue immediately.
    • Side Note: You can always access the tour from the help icon in the Tool Rack.
    • Click the Settings Icon in the Tool-Rack and scroll to “Social Media Links.”
    • Enter your Github project URL, then click Save.
    • That's it! Your website is ready to share with the world! We’ll add a “View on Github” link in your header to direct visitors to your Github project.