1. Change your website's colors

    We make it easy for you to change your website's colors. Suggested color palettes are ready for you to apply in just a few clicks, but we also give you the ability to create a custom color palette based on a key color, like the color of your logo.

    You'll be able to use these color palettes to change the colors of your website's navigation and blocks.

    • Click the Styles icon and under "Color" you'll see options to choose a suggested palette or to customize your own.
    • Under "Suggested Palettes", click the dropdown to browse and choose a suggested palette.
    • Make sure to save the one you like.
    • Click "Customize Palette" to open the custom color picker.
    • Enter a hex color or a common color like "blue" in the text box and we will generate 4 custom palette variants for you to choose from.
    • When you've found a palette you like, click save.
    • Click the Revert Button to go back to the color set you had the last time you saved.

    That's it! Who knew playing with colors could be so productive?
    Now find out how to use that color palette to change your block's colors.