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  1. Image Cropping Has Arrived!

    Mastering the art of image cropping on SimplyBuilt will perfect your pictures and expand your photo library.

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  1. davies + dixon
    on SimplyBuilt

    The #girlbosses behind the enterprise make it their mission to "stay nimble, relevant and tailor-made, just as today’s world demands."

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  1. Why do I need analytics?

    Learn why analytics are important and how they benefit your business.

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  1. New Startup Tools

    Our new startup tools can help you get your site up and running faster than ever!

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  1. Earn a FREE subscription!

    Earn a $10 credit for each friend that subscribes. Login, copy your unique link and share it.

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  1. SimplyBuilt is ready for “Mobilegeddon”

    Learn how Google's latest update will give SimplyBuilt websites a turbo-boost in search engine rankings.

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  1. Get Started with SEO

    Learn the basics of SEO and how it can help get your business found.

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