1. Why do I need analytics?

    Website analytics are crucial for any business that has a website. Analytics may sound like a complicated topic, but it's really just information about who is visiting your website. Just like a coach uses team statistics to best utilize his players during a game, website analytics can help you make informed business decisions based on who your clients are, and what information they are interested in.

    In this article we will explore two real world examples of how web analytics helped SimplyBuilt.com determine where customers were visiting from, and how Kent Tech Meetup used analytics to increase signups.

  1. Example 1: Identifying who is visiting your site.

    In early 2015, a Spanish tech blog wrote an article about SimplyBuilt, and sent a great deal of visitors to our website. We were able to determine this through analytics.

    Google Analytics sent us an email saying there was a significant increase in the amount of visitors to SimplyBuilt.com. In the analytics world this is called a "traffic spike." We looked into it and saw a major traffic spike coming from Spain.

    Analytics gave us a direct link to the source of the spike which turned out to be an article about one of SimplyBuilt's promotions.

    This new traffic made Spain the second most popular country for SimplyBuilt, and over time we saw they weren't budging from that spot. This helped us lay out an accurate plan for which language to translate SimplyBuilt into first.

    Without this valuable data from Google Analytics, we wouldn't have known about the article or what countries SimplyBuilt is popular in.

  1. Example 2: Using analytics to help increase sign-ups.

    Knowing how much time visitors spend on your website, provides invaluable data that can help you identify key content issues within your website. Let's look at an example from the Kent Tech Meetup.

    Analytical data showed visitors weren't spending a lot of time on the meetup's event page which lead to lower than expected RSVPs for that event.

    The meetup was able to come up with a plan to improve the event page to get the conversions (RSVPs) they were looking for. With only one photo on the page it was apparent they needed more media to sell the event. They added a gallery with photos from previous events to show visitors what to expect.

    After the change and some social promotion to bring in visitors, the analytical data showed an almost 2x increase in the time spent on the page and an increase in RSVPs.

    Time based analytics helped the meetup identify a solution to a key issue and make an informed decision that in turn increased conversions and lead to a great event.

  1. A website has a purpose and most of the time it's to convince people to do something like subscribe, create an account, or even RSVP. In the analytics world these are called "conversions."

    You can use analytics to increase your conversions just like how the Kent Tech Meetup did so in this following example.

    The meetup was experiencing lower than expected RSVPs for their next event. They decided to take a look at the analytical data of their website to see if they could spot the issue.

  2. Analytics showed, visitors spent a very short amount of time on the event page. They realized after taking a look at the page's content, they needed to engage visitors with some more event details. They decided to add a gallery with photos from previous events to show visitors what to expect.

    After the update, the analytical data showed a near 2x increase in the time visitors spent on the page and an increase in RSVPs (conversions).

    Analytics helped the meetup get the most out of their website which increased conversions and lead to a great event.

  1. These are just a couple examples of how simple data analysis helped make better decisions. Use analytics to grow your business so better choices are made, giving your business the edge over your competition.

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